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Irish Signage – William Clarke & Son

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Signage is an unique feature of Irish towns and cities. Every now and again I see a sign that really grabs my attention for its visual impact or simplicity, so I immediately photograph it in case its lost to a new development. Cork known as the Merchant City and was one of the main trading ports of Ireland, most buildings are hundreds of years old with a deep rooted history in the city. So if signage is not well designed on these old buildings, they really clash with the history and architecture of the city.

There are excellent examples of how new technology signage works well visually on old buildings but I can’t imagine any other signage on the William Clarke & Son building on Lavitt’s Quay. The sign is made of mosaic tiles and has fantastic rich detail. The red brick building really compliments the white and black tiles. The simplicity of the design and application of the tiles really make this building stand out. Well designed logos or identities today, would look just as good on this building with the same tiling technique, so perhaps old signage techniques is the new way for businesses to stand out?