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Nice Architectural Feature

Friday, February 12th, 2010

I always try to take photos of nice architectural features like the one below which I saw in JFK airport New York. This effective design allows light in through the roof, while also adding a visually pleasing aspect to the building, especially the order/pattern of the circular roof windows. Its a nice simple design feature.




Yevgeny Khaldei’s Shell Shocked Reindeer

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Iconic Photos is a great photography website which displays and comments on historical/iconic photographs. While browsing the site I found this image below which really caught my eye, by the famous Russian photo journalist Yevgeny Khaldei of a shell shocked reindeer looking on as World War II planes drop bombs. This powerful photo shows a scene of man made destruction that is totally at odds with nature which reduces a once majestic and powerful animal to a daze of confusion.


Photography of Adam Jahiel

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

I rediscovered the photography of Adam Jahiel after reading through some of my old research books. This particular project, The Last Cowboy, his amazing composition of big skies, and cowboys working with the horses in the Great Basin, the rugged West of the United States really does make for captivating viewing. Jahiel writes on his website about the project – “…the cowboy tradition has its roots in the oldest of human conflicts: man against nature and man against himself.” The atmosphere of the photography below is wonderful reflection of the dying art of ranching in America. You can order some of his prints here.



Julius Shulman Architectural Photography

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

“What good is a dream house if you haven’t got a dream?” – Julius Shulman

visual_acousticsThe legendary architectural photographer Julius Shulman passed away earlier this year. Before his passing a documentary, Visual Acoustics – The Modernism of Julius Shulman was made to celebrate the images of modern American architecture captured by Shulman. Narrated by Dustin Hoffman and directed by Eric Bricker the film documents the evolution of modern architecture while paying homage to the man who brought it to the general public attention with such eloquent style.

“Architects live and die by the images that are taken of their work, photographer Julius Shulman has defined the way we look at modernism.”

This memorable passage from the documentary should not just resonate with architects but with other business owners as well, we all live and die by how we are presented to the world and Shulman presented Californian architecture like no other. Shulman was ahead of his time in so many respects, his work signified the importance of highlighting the beauty of the architecture by capturing your imagination. The strong use of lines and the brightness of the Californian sun in his work really invite you into the photograph. Check out further details on the films website here or view the trailer for the documentary here and great photos of Shulman by Kwaku Alston like the one below here.

This great photograph of Julius Shulman by Kwaku Alston, note the humourous sign right foreground of photograph, "Old Age & Treachery Will Overcome Youth & Skill"
This great photograph of Julius Shulman by Kwaku Alston, note the humourous sign right foreground of photograph, “Old Age & Treachery Will Overcome Youth & Skill”

Winter Sunlight

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Lately I have been studying the work of Kwaku Alston, his photography and use of light is amazing, as a result I’ve been trying to introduce more colour into my photography. The winter sunlight in Ireland is usually saturated by gray and its seldom that the sunlight really shines through the clouds to illuminate the colours below but last Sunday morning while out walking I saw the sun breaking through the clouds creating this magnificent colour throughout the Wexford countryside. See the images below.