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Kilkenny Design Craft Centre

Friday, November 27th, 2009

I had the pleasure of visiting Kilkenny on Friday and took the chance to visit the Kilkenny Design Craft Centre in its beautiful surroundings opposite Kilkenny Castle. Unfortunately my camera’s battery died shortly after I took these photos, so I can’t show you some of the work currently on show in the National Craft Gallery. However this really cool swing outside the Gallery below – really impressed me! This is one of the reasons why Kilkenny Design Craft Centre is so important for all Irish designers and people alike. Designs like that swing, which would seem to some people almost impossible to design or build are designed and built by expert crafts people there. I like a place where the impossible is made possible, its like a playground of fantasy.

Got talking to a woman who works in the Gallery from Cork and discussed everything from the amount of galleries closing in Cork and the flooding in the city, but mostly about the work on show in the gallery. There was a nice typography project on show, a contemporary Irish typeface designed by a NCAD student. I believe the font was called Insular, unfortunately my camera was out of action to show you.