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Subtle Protests / Poetry / Street Art

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Sometimes you can be amazed at what you find when you look at the details.

I find this a lot in cities, where if you keep your eyes open you can see another layer to society, buildings, infrastucture.

Example – What looked from the other side of Kildare Street as a planning application on a derelict building. That was enough to interest me. Seeing a planning application is an unfortunately rare site in these times.

Green Visa Form in Kildare Street (Large)

So when you look at it you see that it is not a planning application but a US Visa Form. Obviously there is a strong political message there but where it gets really interesting is when you look at the small print.

Visa Form Kildare Street Close Up

So someone has gone to the effort of reproducing this form with a reimagined pretext which is really a poem.

Who did this? And is it poetry, protest, street art or all 3 either.

Whatever it may be it shows how interesting it can be to look at the details and that things may off appear different to how they appear on the surface.