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‘Play Pretend’ Director’s New Video

Friday, May 21st, 2010

We always like to keep an eye on what our clients are up to and detail their progress. So its great to see the guys from Director have launched their excellent new video for the Europe wide release ‘Play Pretend’. Here is what the guys had to say about the video on their website;

“Director have teamed up with the man on the up and up, video director Eoghan Kidney to produce this slice of death-filled gore.  The promo for ‘Play Pretend’ released Europe-wide is a nasty take on the sci-fi /B-movie genre.  As Director take to the murky stage and an eerie crowd gathers the natural elements combine to transform the nocturnal gathering into an all out blood bath.”

We enjoyed working closely with Director to design their website and in return we got the added bonus of free tickets and beers for their last gig in Cork when they played in Cyrus Avenue. They are an excellent live band and really got the crowd going that night. It looks like they are playing in Cork again soon in the Crane Lane Theatre as part of the Hot Press Jagermeister Shows on June 3rd and the Ballinhassig Pitch Party w/Frank and Walters, on July 16. If you are in Cork on any of those dates they are definitely worth checking out.

Warning – video contains strobing effects

Cork Signage

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Recently I’ve started to really appreciate the old signage around Cork City and county. Much of the signage is made of stone which is why it has lasted so many generations. Old signage gives us the chance to look into the past and see how generations of Irish before us have read and communicated to one another. The photos below were captured during a walk through Sunday’s Well, Cork.

This ESB (Electricity Supply Board) limestone craved sign was bolted onto an old stone wall. Despite its small size it is a very impressive sign in its simplicity. The font has an industrial feel to it and reminded me of the Port Authority Bus Terminal signage in New York which inspired Hoefler & Frere-Jones to design the Gotham font famous for the Barack Obama Presidential election campaign. It got me thinking how similar the font craved out on the limestone ESB sign was to the font on the Port Authority Bus Terminal sign that inspired the Gotham font itself, (as seen in the Helvetica documentary). The geometric and clear lines of the ESB font show a type of font an engineer would design rather than a designer due to its pure functionality and simplicity. In the past engineers tended to design things to be produced easily which would explain the clean geometric lines of both fonts. Perhaps Obama saw the Gotham font as a typeface the working class could relate to. Judging by his unrivaled popularity and election win, it seems he may of been right.

This rendered sign for billboard and poster printers is really cool. It is partially damaged after someone plastered over it. Thankfully the most of the plaster has fallen off the sign. The font itself is similar enough to the ESB sign above but the “T’s” are slightly less uniform as are the “E’s & L’s”. The large 14 above in the serif font contrasts nicely with the sign. Despite the sign being virtually redundant in use, as the company has long since gone out of business, it is a fantastic visual link to the past.

The Waterworks building on the banks of the Lee is another nice sign. It has an interesting rendered border around the sign, the typography is once again very geometric and clear. The stone work of the of the building is fantastic, especially the borders around the windows and the roof edges.

This final stone sign I noticed is from 1644! Its a very simple font with thin lines and serifs to define the letters. The signage is obviously a religious sign craved into marble stone which was possibly the foundation stone of Sundays Well in Cork, which I think is pretty cool.

Irish Signage – William Clarke & Son

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Signage is an unique feature of Irish towns and cities. Every now and again I see a sign that really grabs my attention for its visual impact or simplicity, so I immediately photograph it in case its lost to a new development. Cork known as the Merchant City and was one of the main trading ports of Ireland, most buildings are hundreds of years old with a deep rooted history in the city. So if signage is not well designed on these old buildings, they really clash with the history and architecture of the city.

There are excellent examples of how new technology signage works well visually on old buildings but I can’t imagine any other signage on the William Clarke & Son building on Lavitt’s Quay. The sign is made of mosaic tiles and has fantastic rich detail. The red brick building really compliments the white and black tiles. The simplicity of the design and application of the tiles really make this building stand out. Well designed logos or identities today, would look just as good on this building with the same tiling technique, so perhaps old signage techniques is the new way for businesses to stand out?

Barcamp Cork 2009

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Having never attended a Barcamp event before I was determined to make the most of the opportunity. I was met at the entrance with a large whiteboard offering a multitude of talks for every 30 minute segment of the day. Quickly realising I didn’t have the ability to bilocate, I had to make some tough calls on which talks I would go and see. I know I probably missed some great talks but had no regrets with my choices.

Here is a brief enough overview of my Barcamp Cork day out.

barcamp cork 3

Google Sketch Up, Earth and Apps 11:00am

The first of the talks I attended was Paul Lee and Alan O’Brien from Viewsion who specialized in Google Apps, Google Earth and Google Sketch Up.

Google Sketch Up

Alan started off the presentation by showing us the capabilities of Sketch Up, which is an alternative to Auto Cad. Sketch Up is free to download from the The capabilities of Sketch Up were quite impressive from Alan’s initial examples, especially in the 3D. Also impressive was the relative ease of use of Sketch Up, it is an intuitive programme and gives you back the ideas you have in spades with invaluable feedback.
The guys are looking into collaborating with the Cork City Library to provide training for kids in Sketch Up. Check out the Sketch Up Ireland Blog here

Google Earth
The guys then moved onto the Google Earth topic and gave examples of 3D Models/Layers on Google Earth, showing examples of Shandon, the Glucksman Gallery on UCC, Shandon Catherdral and the Cork School of Music shown here in both 3D View and basic image There were very impressive examples and they invited the room to submit further 3D models of Cork buildings using Sketch Up but warned the standard of drawing needed to be high.

Google Apps
Paul Lee then went onto show us the professional uses of Google Apps which allows you to interchange and file share documents online so 3-4 people from any corner of the world can make changes to one document at the same time instantly through Tele Conferencing. Google Apps has the same capabilities as Mircosoft Office and is usable offline as well as online. It’s a product that we use a lot ourselves and one that larger companies are becoming more open to trying out.

Time Management – Elaine Rogers 11:30am

Time Management is something we here at Irenses always try to improve upon, so I was really looking forward to this talk by Elaine Rogers to try and improve our performances at work. She started off by claiming time management is a myth, and that time is uncontrollable and what we should do is Self Management. It was a sentiment that engaged the group and made for an enjoyable discussion with Elaine touching some very interesting points.

Elaine went on to explain the Mayo Jar concept to us. It was a simple but an effective method of explaining how to best managing your time to find a healthy personal/work life balance while always finding time for a coffee.

Jump Start Up by Phoebe Bright and Ciara Crossnan – 12:30pm

Intrigued by the title I decided to attend the talk by Pheobe Bright and Ciara Crossnan who introduced us to the Jump Start Ireland concept. It’s a service for businesses that can benefit greatly from the availability of having a group of expert individuals from different backgrounds to come together to focus on a business and trash out ideas in a one-day session.

This idea excited me as it is one of the reasons I got into design in the first place, to interact with professionals from varied and exciting backgrounds you’d usually never meet or interact with on the street. It was a nice talk and quite encouraging to see such a proactive step into diverse teamwork

Jump Start Up initially drawn up from an Open Coffee day in Cork, the current team consist of Bart Ptaszynski, Phoebe Bright, John Peavoy, Gordon Murray, Conor Murphy, Calvin Jones, Catherine O’Shea and Ciara Crossnan.

Sales-Side Partnerships – Donagh Kiernan 12:00

The Sales-Side Partnerships talk by Donagh Kiernan of was an enjoyable session which was transmitted live on the barcampcork website.

Donagh explained to us how partnerships in business work quite successfully by using each others strength to provide a successful product. His examples included Mike Fitzgerald of Alto Bridge, who tried to implement mobile calls service on aeroplanes and mobile calls from remote communities by using satellites teaming up with Ericsson and Kevin O’Leary of Qumas teaming up with Paisley.

The main issue Donagh highlighted was it had to be a joint offering that benefited both you and your partner.

Mental Health: Madness & the Spirit of the Entrepreneur Paul O’Mahony 2:30pm

Paul O’Mahony’s talk about Mental Health: Madness & the Spirit of the Entrepreneur was hugely enjoyable and enlightening. Unfortunately it was the only talk that I completely forgot to take notes on the subject because it demanded so much from the group. It was unconventional in style, highly stimulating and we found out a lot about ourselves as a group by his methods. He began the session by asking the group to ask him questions first in order to place importance on our curiosity of the title. From there on Paul talked about his own life and his thoughts on the Madness and the Spirit of the Entrepreneur. It was a fine finish to the day.

Obviously such events don’t happen by themselves. I would like to thank everyone who gave the talks and helped out. In particular I would like to congratulate Ciara Feely, Ciara Crossnan and Gordon Murray for organising a really enjoyable event.J