Conor Harrington in Temple Bar

The big highlight of my weekend was stumbling upon a fantastic new work by Conor Harrington in Temple Bar, Dublin.

Conor Harrington is probably Ireland’s most renown street artist on the International stage but to date there hasn’t been many big examples of his work in Ireland.

Conor who is originally from Cork, is now based in London and his unique style of street art which crosses the boundary with fine art has seen him become a favourite of collectors around the work.

The photos below show the work about 3 days in to a 5 day job. While the style is unmistakably Harrington’s there seems to be a departure from his traditional militaria influences.

Conor Harrington Bull in Temple Bar

Conor Harrington Bull in Temple Bar (Taking a step back)

Update: Conor has updated his blog with much nicer photos than mine

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