Water Bobble

water bobble

Did you mean to say Water Bottle? Nope meet the curiously named Water Bobble a stylish water bottle with integrated carbon filter. The Water Bobble has being generating quite a buzz over the last 6 months and I have to throw in my 2 cents on the matter. Having owned one for the past 4 months I have to report that I love my Water Bobble

Does it work?
Yes it does. Unable to see what microscopic organism the filter is cleaning out I can say that the Water Bobble will make hard tap water taste far more pleasant.

Will it last?
4 months on the Water Bobble is going strong. Not a scratch on it?

Any downsides?
Yes the bottle part is not that big, and not enough for a tough gym session. There is a recently launched version that is 34oz size, so that might be the one to go for.

Where can I get one?
The Water Bobble Website, but if you want to pick out your favourite colour or inspect them in person, Irish natives should try the Science Gallery in Trinity College.

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