Sorolla’s Vision of Spain

While in Valencia I took the chance to see A Vision of Spain: The Hispanic Society of America Collection by Valencian artist Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida.

The show features fourteen murals from different regions of Spain between 1912-1919, which portrays the people, customs and culture of various Spanish regions at the time. The work was commissioned by Archer Milton Huntington – the founder of the Hispanic Society of New York.

Huntington commissioned the work for the Hispanic Society’s reading gallery and had envisioned the murals to depict a history of Spain but Sorolla convinced him of a representation of the various regions at the time rather than a history of Spain. Sorolla traveled to each region painting models posed in local costume involved in the local landscape and culture. Up close, the colours of the murals were amazing, especially how Sorolla captured the light on the water. His preliminary sketches were equally as impressive. Unfortunately we were not allowed to photograph inside the exhibition but you can check out Sorolla’s complete works here.


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